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Duration: 2 Hrs 14 mins


Full Length Tests

Duration: 2 Hrs 14 mins


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Gain Real Test Taking Experience

Score Smart is designed to make your SAT test experience as close to the real exam as possible. Our tests have been refined by thousands of students to match the exact look, feel, and performance of the real thing. If you're not practicing on authentic looking tests, you're not practicing.

The best Custom Analytics in the business

The Score-Smart team has used its years of experience and unique data-gathering functions to generate industry-leading performance analytics. We are tracking hundreds of data points to identify and reveal each student's strengths and weaknesses on the SAT.

Get Conclusions from the professionals

We have captured the insights of some of the top tutors in the world. The Score-Smart system will refine all of its data and analytics to generate a set of targeted priorities for each student. You will know not just what you did, but also what you need to do differently on your next test to hit your target score.

Harness The Power of Par

Speed is relative. Slow for a top scoring student is too fast for a low scoring student. To get a true picture of a student's performance you need to know where they lost points, where they lost time, and how they performed relative to their target score. That's where the power of par comes in.

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